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Our Values

At Rajatila Media, we take pride in our commitment to a set of core values that define our business and guide our actions every day.

1. Equality

We believe in a world where everyone is treated with fairness and respect, regardless of their background, race, gender, or beliefs. At Rajatila Media, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse community, both within our team and among our customers.

2. Environmental Responsibility

The world's environment is precious, and we are dedicated to preserving it for future generations. We carefully select and source products with the environment in mind, aiming for minimal ecological impact. We work with partners who share our commitment to sustainability.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our mission. We are devoted to providing exceptional service, high-quality products, and a seamless shopping experience. 

4. Personality
Celebrating uniqueness and individual expression. Our products are designed to complement your distinct style, empowering you to embrace your individuality.

By embracing these values, we aim to create a shopping experience that resonates with your beliefs and aspirations. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more bearable future.

Terms and Conditions.

Placing an order:

For an order, we need your first name, last name, address, postal code, and city. We also need at least an e-mail address, and if at all possible, your phone number. When placing an order, we need you to give us permission to collect and process the data you provide us. You can learn more about this from our Privacy Notice.

If you give us your e-mail address, our system will automatically send you a message when the package is sent from us. You'll get a tracking code with the message, except when the delivery method has no tracking. If you don't give an e-mail address or phone number and there is a problem with your order (missing/faulty address details, a product out of stock), we may not be able to process your order or your order will be sent incomplete.

Finnish laws are very strict on privacy. What's more, we're foliohats, so we really respect privacy. Your information will never be abused or leaked to unnecessary third parties. Mostly we use it to get your order to a succesful conclusion. You will not receive marketing emails unless you specificly order them from us.

We accept both domestic and international orders.

- Stripe - Secure credit card payments
- Paypal


Like almost every website in the internet, Rajatila Media’s site uses cookies. There's nothing new about this, cookies have been around for about as long as WWW, and they have been used for this purpose all the time. The fuss about having to explain these basic things to people is new, but doesn't mean anything has been changed in the way you should use internet. Cookies are used to collect information from your use of the web. Things like username/password combos, what you write, who's your Facebook friend and so on are not recorded, not in this way anyway.

Like every other webshop, Your movements in our webshop are analyzed and we use this information to make our web pages easier to use and to generate more sales.

Read more about these things from our Privacy Notice


Almost 90% of shipments are packed day or two after the purchase has been made. If, however, we have a lot of orders in the line, we'll usually notify about it on the front page. Shipping internationally except Asia, Africa, Russia. For domestic orders 8-14 days. Internationally 8-20 days.

Returns policy:

At the moment we offer paid return. In short, orders can be returned and refunded withing 14 days of receiving the goods if the customer pays for the shipping, back and forth. As a company we don’t think it’s good for enviroment to ship unnecessery stuff.